Savionus windturbine on roof

Savionus windturbine on roof, this kind of wind turbine is compact and easily integrated into buildings - crédit : Pcon

Although with less efficiency compared with three-bladed wind turbines, the savonius vertical axis wind turbine has the advantage of being compact, economical and aesthetic.

This allows it to be easily integrated into buildings.

Working principle of a Savonius wind turbine

Savonius vertical axis wind turbine working principle

The Savonius rotor is composed of two half-cylinders off axis
crédit : Ecosources

This machine was invented by the Finnish engineer Sigurd Savonius in 1924 and was patented in 1929.
She is composed of a minimum of two half-cylinders off axis.

Advantages :
Easily integrated into buildings
Starts at low wind speed unlike the darrieus vertical axis wind turbine
Low-noise system
Works with any wind direction
Disadvantages :
Low efficiency

Facilities and prototype of Savonius wind turbine

Hybrid wind/solar, outside lighting system with a vertical axis Savonius wind turbine

Hybrid tower Solar/Wind turbine Savonius

A solar panel and a vertical wind power supply
the lighting system - crédit : Panasonic

The company Panasonic provides a new kind of outside lighting system
A solar panel and Savonius wind turbine can charge a battery in the base of the tower.
This battery can power a streetlight or private outdoor.
Totally autonomous, this type of installation keeps lighting in case of electricity supply shutdown.

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