Vertical axis wind turbine

Darrieus wind turbine - credit : Quietrevolution

Still unknown, Darrieus vertical axis wind turbines appear more suitable than the "classic" ones in differerent fields such as building integration, the extrem zones (observatories, mountain refuge ...)

Although less efficient compared with three-bladed wind turbines, this kind of wind turbine can overcome the limits due to the size of the blades and their rotation speed.

The total size is smaller, and in some cases, when the motor is located at its base, this type of wind turbine can be cheaper.

Different kinds of Darrieus wind turbine

different vertical rotor, Darrieus wind turbine

Different Darrieus rotor - credit :

The Darrieus wind turbine can run with a wind speed up to 220 km/h and in any direction.

The main shortcoming of this type of wind turbine is their difficult start, because the weight of the rotor on its base generates frictions.

Advantages :
The generator can be placed on the ground (depending on model)
Easily integrated into buildings
Disadvantages :
Difficult start unlike the Savonius wind turbine
Low efficiency

Facilities and prototype of Darrieus wind turbine

Eole wind farm - Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine

Darrieus wind turbine in Eole wind farm

Vertical axis wind turbine in the Eole wind farm (Canada)
credit :

This project is the largest power vertical axis wind turbine ever built. However, this project has never been a commercial power plant.

This wind turbine operated for 1983 to 1992 in Canada (Eole windfarm). 110 meters high, this 4 MW power plant was damaged during a gale.

Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine in Equihen (Pas de Calais, France)

Eolienne darrieus à axe horizontal d’Equihen Plage

Urban windturbine in Equihen Plage - credit : H2-developpement

This urban Darrieus wind turbine, installed on the roof of a community facility, is composed of 2 rotors of 5 meters long with a maximum diameter of 2,8 meters.

The main disadvantage is that the wind turbine can't move to the wind, that reduce of 20% to 50% the efficiency. However, this new kind of wind turbine has been integrated in an urban area without any problems.

6kW power plant
Estimated production : 7000 to 8 000 kWh/year


Wind-it Project - Darrieus wind turbine integrated in electricity pylon

Project Wind-it

Electricity pylon équipped with several vertical axis wind turbine
credit : Elioth

Elioth compagny proposes to install vertical wind turbines in the structure of electrics pylons.

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