Renewable energy

  • Renewable Energy Clean and inexhaustible, renewable energy is the best way to meet our energy needs avoiding greenhouse gases emissions and depletion of fossil energy resources.

    powered by the sun, the wind, the waves or the heat of the earth's core, performance capture systems are constantly improving and we are still far from achieving their full potential.

    The independent portal provides an overview of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency in different fields : building, industry and transport.

    Thematic issues

    The context

    Although the renewable energy industry worldwide is experiencing rapid growth, world energy supply remain a challenge for the future.
    The energy sources we depend on brings a host of problems:

    Oil and Gaz

    Oil and Gas

    Oil and natural gas combustion emit CO2, reserves are limited and their exploitation generates conflicts.



    Coal is one of the most abundant fossil fuels, but his combustion emits more carbon dioxide than combustion of natural gas.
    Carbon capture technology will appear but the operating prices should increase.

    Nuclear energy


    Nuclear power do not produce CO2 during the production phase but the uranium reserves are finite. The operation generates dangerous waste with a storage's problematic and the risks of nuclear accidents are a threat for the population.

    Still pervasive in our energy mix, these energy can't be renewed. Sooner or later, we will have to find other supplies.
    Renewable energies are inexhaustible and widely present on earth. Man must learn to capture it to ensure sustainable development and thus:

    • Protect its environment.
    • Decentralize and democratize energy production.
    • Preserve fossil resources that could be useful in the future.
    • Invest in energy production methods that will work in 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years ... without risk of shortages or environmental disaster.
    Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Savonius vertical wind turbine

    Savonius vertical axis wind turbine
  • Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine